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BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Thinks Brazilian Entrepreneurs Can Help The Economy Recover

Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America, and the country has more beautiful beaches than any other country in South America. The people of Brazil are a fun-loving group that enjoy football, a good laugh and lots of beer, according to an article published by But some of laughter is gone these days thanks to a recession that is turning the country into a shadow of its former self. Brazil’s economy has been shrinking for the last two years, and the government hasn’t been able to stop the contraction.

Two credit rating agencies have downgraded Brazil’s debt to “junk” status, and the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff says the only way to pull out of this economic nightmare is to cut spending and raises taxes. But BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães disagrees with Rousseff, and he is not the only private citizen that does. Most Brazilian want to see Rousseff impeached, but that could take years because of the way the Brazilian parliament operates

Ricardo Guimarães recently told that he thinks Brazilian entrepreneurs can help pull the country out of a recession. Mr. Guimarães told that there are four types of entrepreneurs in Brazil and they all possess creativity, vision, and dreams but only a few of them have the proactive attitude to help the country beat the recession. Ricardo believes the country will begin to rebound from the recession in 2016 because of the entrepreneurs that will help kick start the economy by developing innovative products that can be exported.

Brazil has unlimited natural resources, and there is a technology boom is happening in Brazil, and that will pay off, according to Guimarães. But Ricardo also thinks Brazilian entrepreneurs step up and become more proactive in government as well as in business.

Guimarães is a well-known public figure in Brazil not only for his banking expertise and his social statements, but also for his participation in Brazilian soccer. BMG Bank sponsors seven football clubs and Ricardo was chairman of his home state club for five years. BMG Bank has a reputation for being the bank that has the best payroll loans rates in the country thanks to Ricardo’s advertising campaign that mixes football with payroll loans. Wiki says the total thing about him.

Mr. Guimarães has won numerous awards for his participation in the banking industry. But the award his is most proud of is the Belo Horizonte Diploma of Merit, according to Belo Horizonte is Ricardo’s hometown, and he has helped the city become one of the most forward thinking cities in Brazil.

Brad Reifler Funds A New Program to Make Military and Veteran Lives Better

Forefront Capital Advisors and their CEO, Brad Reifler, declared a brand new partnership with Easter Seals Center on 29th, February 2016. This new partnership includes a donation of funds amounting to $3 million. According to Brad, Forefront Capital chose this partnership because they felt that Easter Seals had made a remarkable impact in the lives of military families and veterans by changing conversations about the people who have served the US selflessly and show their potential and build life-changing opportunities for them.

Easter Seals works both locally and nationally to break barriers and connect people and companies to easily accessible solutions that military families and veterans need to get access to meaningful education, healthcare and employment. Forefront Capital’s $3 million donation will fund Easter Seal’s programs for veterans. The programs include caregiver training services, education & advocacy, health & wellness and job training. Brad Reifler, with the help of his team, look forward to helping the firm continue their work to help people.

Forefront’s foundation lies in its ability to attract influential and highly respected business leaders. The firm has a unique community and relationships that provide opportunities that are not typically available to other boutique firms. The firm views its clients as long term partners and aims to add value beyond advisory and investment capital services.

Reifler is a serial entrepreneur best known as the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital from May 2009. He is also the former founding chairman, partner and CEO of Pali Capital, which is a global financial services company. Before founding Pali, Reifler was a trader at Refco. He is a director at Sino Mercury Company.

Reifler speaks extensively about how everyone should get involved in investing. He has had several public appearances talking about the opportunities that the middle and lower class individuals can do to save some money for their future. These talks have been picked up by Yahoo Finance, Reuters News and Market Watch. Reifler has been an outspoken member of the Twitter community on matters that help people find unique and new ways they can use to plan their future and discover their true financial freedom.

Jon Urbana’s Prose Attracts Many New Readers

Jon Urbana has a personal blog where he regularly posts articles as well as pieces from his other projects and interests. For example, many of his posts include links to his photography, videos and more. The blog made through the popular website of WordPress and simply goes by the name  Jon Urbana Official Blog.

In one of his more recent posts at the blog, Jon Urbana features a clip from Simon Black. The title of the clip is ‘Theater of the Absurd’. The clip is a little over 3 minutes long and certainly lives up to its name of the absurd. It is filmed in black and white with no audio except for a beat track in the background. The clip has everything imaginable in it from a woman in lingerie with an umbrella and a man dressed in some sort of robe.

Other videos of Jon Urbana’s include links to other websites and content at that he finds interesting or important. In this particular post, Urbana includes a link to an interview on SoundCloud which is a website in which users can upload music or audio files to be streamed by others. This post includes a description of the interview with a man from Texas who has an interesting family history and unique passion.

As mentioned before, some of Urbana’s posts at and on his Tumblr blog also include features of other works. In this post, there is a picture featured of a slice of garlic. The name of the post is ‘Spring Awakening- Garlic’. The garlic has a black background behind it. Another post of Jon Urbana’s that features a picture can be found here. This post features a picture of a homemade piece of delicious looking autumn cake. It has caramel and nuts inside of it and lies in front of a wooden background. Posts like these really capture the beauty of photography where the viewer feels like they could reach out and grab the featured object.

Some of Jon Urbana’s posts include recaps of his flight feats and some actual articles by Urbana such as this post written about his favorite baseball playoff series. It is a game between the Dodgers and Mets which Urbana was geared up for at the time.

The Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC Partners with George Soros

The Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC partners with billionaire George Soros to help secure the Latino vote all throughout the United States according to NY times Report. This particular political action committee is necessary for registering millions of Latinos so they can vote.

Democratic candidates have always turned toward Latino voters to help win elections. President Bill Clinton remained in office for two terms during the 1990s with the help of Latino voters. A senior adviser for Ready for Hillary, named Michael Trujillo, stated that during President Bill Clinton’s time in office many Latino People within America were able to vote for the first time. They were also able to prosper economically under Clinton.

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Hillary Clinton’s long standing connection to the Latino community is well documented. She had developed a deep connection with Latino leaders since the 70s. Over the years she became friends with key Latino leaders everywhere. Late radio station and El Mundo newspaper owner Eddie Escobedo was quoted by his son, Escobedo Jr., saying that Hillary Clinton is a person that people can talk to and that she really cares for people.

The Immigrant Voters Win Super Pac has been designed with Hillary in mind. George Soros is a pro-Clinton supporter. During her current campaign to become president he has donated $6 million to help her secure the White House. George Soros has also given $5 million to the current immigrant super PAC. Soros does want Clinton in office because he likes her political views and the direction that she will take the country.

Many immigrant reform organizations that are a part of this super PAC realize that it is an important action to take for the Latino community within America. They are preparing to start campaigning as early as May to prepare Latino voters for the November elections. The target number of registered voters that these pro immigrant agencies expect to reach is 400,000.

Ultimately, if Hillary Clinton can secure the Latino vote in America; chances are she will become the first female president in history. The New York Times provides more information about the Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC and George Soros’s contribution to this important group.

George Soros Predicts that China could Trigger another Recession Similar to 2008

Global investor and business mogul George Soros warned an economic forum about the coming crises that is about to impact the world. George Soros is a very knowledgeable and insightful businessman who has the ability to figure out how situations are going turn out. Soros is known for his bold predictions about specific events that impact the global economy and independent nations. His prediction about another coming global recession has been triggered by the economic situation that is taking place in China.

China has the second best economy within the world. This country has been growing very strongly for many years but they are now facing some challenges that could impede their development. For years the country experienced a phenomenal growth rate that was backed by plenty of investors who were willing to risk their money with the nation’s economic progress.

China’s growth was stimulated by its ability to output products. This nation was making everything imaginable and then shipping it to other parts of the world. Much of China’s economic development and growth was fueled between outside investors and businesses that used China’s relatively cheap labor force to manufacture a whole lot world of products. This all changed by the end of 2013.

When 2013 rolled around the nation started to consume more than it produced. Traditionally, the Chinese people were not a big consumer of goods like many western countries and Japan. As a lot of goods started to become cheaper and more available in China this allowed many consumers within the nation to buy them up. China’s GDP is now the second highest on the planet.

Soros said on Bloomberg Business he is afraid that China’s currency (the yuan) is starting to weaken because its people are spending so much money. This spending is starting to overtake China’s output and as a result the nation is no longer exporting as many goods as it did in the past. Do not forget that China is the world’s largest trader of international goods. This country relies on its position as a major trade partner to stimulate economic growth. While China still retains their spot as the number one trader there is evidence that shows that they are not as strong as they used to be in this regard.

The yuan is being overvalued against the US dollar. When trade takes place between these two types of currencies the yuan is doing so at a higher rate than what it should be valued at. In other words people can pay more money for Chinese products and goods than what they are worth. If they are exchanging goods for more than what they are worth this too can cause a disruption in the market. The bottom line is that Soros is not speaking absurdly about what is happening with this country. To find out more about George Soros’s views you can read the article George Soros Sees Crisis in Global Markets That Echoes 2008