New Jersey Dentist Starts Fundraiser for Operation Smile on GoFundMe

Avi Weisfogal is a renowned dentist and philanthropist working from New Jersey. Avi launched a GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile. The charity gives free medical aid and surgery to children with facial deformities that include cleft lips and palates. This charity drive was started in 1982 by William and Kathleen Magee a doctor and nurse respectively. It was started in the Philippines and incorporated the help of other medical professionals. The team launched operation smile soon after when they were overwhelmed by the enormous amount of work and resources required.

They got donations from well-wishers and rounded a group of volunteer staff of doctors, technicians and nurses. Today the program has grown to incorporate thousands of staff volunteers from over eighty countries. They cover over sixty countries and have done about a quarter million free surgeries. In addition, they also train local medical teams in all the areas they visit on how to handle cleft surgeries while donating supplies and equipment needed.

Avi Weisfogal, Dentist and Philanthropist

Weisfogal has been touched by this beautiful campaign and the success it has had in over sixty countries. He decided to start a fundraiser drive using the GoFundMe platform to help raise funds for this charity operation. Weisfogal is keen on helping people and finding important solutions to common problems. His work in combating sleep apnea has been instrumental in understanding and helping many people around the country.

Avi Weisfogal started a dentist practice, Old Bridge Dental Practice, in his home town of New Jersey. He has won numerous awards in the dental profession due to his hard work and excellent medical services. Avi attended Rutgers University for his Psychology and biology degree. He later got a dentist degree from the New York University College of Dentistry. Later as his career progressed, he acquired a Dental Sleep Masters.

Avi Weisfogal has been involved in seminars on Dental Sleep Masters. These aim to teach people how to handle sleep disorders and problems with a special interest in sleep apnea. He has started a number of programs on the topic such as Healthy Heart Sleep and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. He aims to create awareness on the correlation between dental health and sleep problems.

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