CEDC’s Executive Vice President Kevin Seawright Discusses Plans For Local Economic Development In The City

Newly appointed CFO and Executive Vice President of Newark CEDC, Kevin Seawright, is no stranger to the field of real estate development. With over 13 years of experience in capital management under his belt, Seawright is one of the few finance professionals to have successfully juggled working in both the private and government sectors.

Career Beginnings

Seawright began his career with a public sector position in Baltimore, Maryland. After a solid eleven years’ experience in the fields of education and real estate, he took his experience to the private industry. Seawright has had a lifelong commitment to bettering the living conditions of urban communities, a passion that shows in his enthusiasm for his upcoming projects.  When speaking to WorldClass Magazines Kevin Seawright really highlighted the good they’ve done for New Jersey as a whole.

Having worked for community betterment in Philadelphia even as a boy, Seawright credits his parents for having inculcated the principles of financial stewardship in him by having him sign up for youth programs. His drive for social betterment hasn’t waned in adulthood, as is evident from his dedication to working for change in Newark.  That’s a big part of what led to Kevin landing the NCEDC job.

Current Projects

Newark CEDC is currently in the process of collaborating with Mayor Ras Baraka to develop a capital management model for small businesses, and an employment program that has already employed about 3,000 students in Newark so far. Development of ports and railroads, and better wifi access is also underway.

Having worked in the education sector, Seawright voices on Twitter that he considers both online and formal education equal parts effective in bringing change. He is credited with developing University of Notre Dame’s three part executive leadership course. The program, taught in the university’s Mendoza College of Business, focuses on leadership roles in transformational organizations, fundraising strategies, and financial management in the competitive landscape of today.

Focusing On The Future

Seawright attributes his successful career and wins to his focus on improving people’s lives, which he says is his biggest motivator. His data focused analysis, flexible management, and creative problem solving skills are some of his biggest strengths. Seawright believes in using his expertise to make a difference in small ways, like the time he was able to provide credit to a Newark entrepreneur who had been turned away by other banks. As CFO of Newark CEDC, he hopes to continue provide easy access to capital for owners of small businesses. In his opinion, boosting entrepreneurial businesses is one of the best ways of boosting Newark’s economy.

Personal Life

Even amidst tight travel schedules, Seawright finds time to indulge in some of his favourite hobbies, which include playing basketball and football. Seawright also shares an extremely close relationship with his daughter Tia, and loves spending his free time watching her play basketball and softball. He counts his great relationships with his extended and immediate families as the true measure of his success, and hopes to take this filial spirit to his work projects with the aim of bettering Newark’s community and economy.  LocalTalkNews had another cool interview with Kevin Seawright, that sheds even more light on his professional life.

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