Explaining Handy’s New Tipping System

Handy has recently announce that they have included a feature in their application that allows clients to add a tip for the cleaning services provided. This can be added both before and after the services are completed. Clients have only been able to provide cleaners with tips in cash in person, but now Handy has helped changed this and made it much more practical for home owners to give cleaners tips.

Handy is a very popular app that lists many cleaning services and other tasks and jobs that sometimes need to be performed around, on, or in a house. It is difficult for many people to find listings with home cleaners, let alone many listings to provide a sense of competition to find the lowest price. It has been expensive in the past to pay people to clean homes because of the common inability for people to have trouble finding home cleaning service providers.

Fortunately for both cleaners and customers, Handy is an app that was founded in the middle of 2012 by two Harvard Business School dropouts that offers the ability for people with smartphones and the willingness to submit to a background check and screening process can be able to be listed on Handy. This gamble has paid off with Handy recently receiving $50 million in funding.

Today, there are more than ten thousand people who have completed a home cleaning service in the past month and hit the one million booking mark in July. Some people book only one or two cleaning jobs a week while some people make a living off of Handy, although the majority of home cleaners, also known as Pros, are using Handy to make a little extra supplemental income.

There was a large debate started back in October of this year about whether waitresses and other people who relied on tips for a living should continue to be paid partially in tips or be paid totally by the restaurant.

Home cleaning Pros are estimated to earn about eighteen dollars per hour of work on average after an approximately twenty percent service fee is taken for the listing on Handy. This is a great deal for most people because getting the word out about cleaning services is difficult when one doesn’t have money to be expensed for advertising.

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