The Success of Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is not only one of the finest attorneys in the United States but is also one of the few attorneys that truly cares about the compensation of his clients. Dan Newlin started in career as a public servant when he was only 18 years old. At the age of 18, Newlin became an EMT (emergency medical technician). Within only 6 months of being an EMT, Newlin was in the back of an ambulance delivering a baby into the world. Being an EMT is what later inspired Newlin to become a police officer. At the young age of 20, Newlin was accepted to be apart of the New Chicago Police Force, located in Indiana. Newlin loved his job as a police officer and was even offered a job at the Sheriff’s office in Orange County, Florida.

Once Dan Newlin became apart of the Orange County Sheriff’s office in Florida, he worked so many important details. One of his best memories was at that office. Newlin worked many police details that included narcotics enforcement, auto theft details, as well the fugitive division. While working on the fugitive’s division, Newlin recovered hundreds of dangerous fugitives. Newlin spent 10 years on the force in Orange County and was even honored with the high ranking of sheriff’s detective. He was recognized with several awards and honors that Newlin still is extremely proud of to this day.

What changed Newlin’s career path was one incident in particular. After working several years under the force, Newlin found himself in the emergency room, interviewing a victim. the victim was a young woman who was hit by a reckless driver while driving the car. The woman, though unharmed, had lost her unborn child. When Dan Newlin checked how much she was going to be compensated, he found that the insurance company had no plan of providing compensation. All the insurance company did was check the victim’s car to make sure that the woman was not responsible for the accident.

After that incident, Newlin wanted to help those who have not been compensated from a workplace injury. Newlin even began taking night classes and graduated school with a Degree in Business Management. From there, Newlin entered law school to finally graduate in 2000. By 2001, Newlin was a licensed attorney who had started his own practice with the intention of compensating his clients. 14 years later has only made Dan Newlin and his two firms more successful than ever. Newlin and his experienced team have recovered in millions of dollars worth of compensation for those who have been slandered by the insurance companies. Dan Newlin specializes in workplace injuries or wrongful accidents so that those like the victim he spoke to, will always receive compensation.

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