On-Demand Housekeeping Service Handy Raises $50 Million

In the wake of a company valuation of $500 million, on-demand housekeeping service “Handy” recently announced that it has raised $50 million in new funding that will be used towards growing the business even further

Handy, originally Handybook, is a service that was founded in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan, Umang Dua, Ignacio Leonhardt, and Weina Scott. It is a quick, reliable and easy way to book household service providers. Within just a few minutes clients are able to book a housecleaner or a handyman at a time that is most convenient for them. Everyone on the Handy list has been pre-approved.

As of June 2015 the Handy had completed 1 million bookings on its platform. The company now consistently books 100,000 jobs per month on average and has hundreds of thousands of customers and a database of 10,000 professionals now registered with them.

According to Oisin Hanrahan, the plan is to take the $50 million that was raised and invest it into the 28 markets that are already active. This includes major cities all over the United States, as well as a few international markets like London. By the end of 2016 the rest of the money will go into opening new markets in other countries and opening to other cities in the United States.

“We want to deliver a better customer experience, and a better experience for the pros on our platform,” he told TechCrunch. It will also be about expanding beyond cleaning services, which today represent about 80% of the jobs on Handy. “We want to deliver every service to every home.”

Most everyone understood Handy was gaining a lot of traction and becoming popular, but no one thought the valuation would come in at what it did. This is a perfect time to inject all of that money raised into boosting current markets and opening new ones.

Find out more about Handy and what they offer by visiting them here.

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