Facebook and the Serious Problem of Reputation Disasters

Facebook has really revolutionized the way people communicate. Simply by creating a profile on the social media network, staying in touch on both a personal and professional basis is possible. Of course, there does come a point when a little prudence is necessary when investing time on Facebook. Specifically, there needs to be a “work-Facebook balance”.

Probably the sagest bit of advice would be to curtail visits and interactions on Facebook during work time. An employer is not exactly going to be thrilled with constant visits to Facebook on the company clock. Self-employed persons shouldn’t think that they have free reign to use Facebook whenever they wish. Doing so cuts down on productivity immensely.

What someone posts on Facebook could prove very damaging. Saying negative things about anyone runs the risk of alienating an audience. Customers and possible business associates are not drawn to snide, rude, negative, and opinionated persons.

Darius Fisher, the president of the reputation management firm Status Labs, notes it is best to not make any controversial or political comments. Doing either is a great way to turn people off. Friends are lost and so are customers. Why even bother wading into an avoidable controversy? Status Labs works hard to help clients all over the world fix reputation disasters. Yes, some of those disasters are of people’s own making.

Why do people sometimes get themselves into hot water? For one, they do not realize the impact their comments may have. The other reason is they think their comments just go away. On the internet, nothing just goes away.

Facebook posts might have a very long life. Even when the privacy settings have been maximized, the posts could end up in newsfeeds and indexed by the search engines. Once this occurs, no control exists over who sees the content.

Status Labs has helped 1,500+ clients in 35+ countries deal with reputation woes. The Austin, TX-based company can even work at fixing social media troubles. Anyone whose Facebook activity has led to major controversies may wish to contact someone at the company.

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