Brian Bonar Encourages Wholeness Among Many Companies

The future of Dalrada Financial depends on highly skilled executiveslike Brian Bonar to manage the company’s internal and externaloperations. Known for establishing significant relationships with his
clients and in the community, this renowned entrepreneur hopes to
inspire his extremely knowledgeable employees with his efficient
business practices. Essentially, under his strategic leadership, his
company has assisted thousands of corporations from a variety of
industries achieve a more productive bottom line. In fact, his
effective operational solutions have guided clients in reducing the
cost of manufacturing to ultimately improve services while
simultaneously maximizing resources. Remarkably, his extensive
portfolio of management experiences has greatly contributed to his
recognition as one of America’s most powerful businessmen.

In the mid to late 1980s, Bonar embarked on his professional endeavorsby accepting a leadership position at QMS, Inc. During his employment
at this renowned company, he was promoted to Executive Director of
Engineering from 1984 to 1988. Following his career at QMS, Inc, Bonar
has maintained many prominent titles at Adaptec, Inc., Bezier Systems,
Inc, Rastek Corporation, and IBM, U.K. Ltd until finally accepting a
management position at Dalrada Financial in 1994. Throughout his
career at Dalrada Financial, he has served as Executive Vice
President, Director of Technology Sales, Vice President of Sales and
Marketing, Chief Operating Officer, Chairman of the Board, and
President. Most prominently, in 1998, he was elected as the company’s
Chief Executive Officer.

Bonar’s professional experiences at multiple companies providedhim the necessary business skills to propel Dalrada Financial. During
the course of his management, this strategic executive sought to offer
effective programs to assist start-ups and emerging companies as well
as mergers and acquisitions. Essentially, his main goal was to
implement simple, safe, and cost-effective plans to improve a
company’s productivity and profitability. Some of the company’s
noteworthy programs involve tax strategy solutions, payroll advance
assistance, worker’s compensation, retirement plans, health insurance,
business liability, staffing, and human resource administration.
Moreover, Bonar understood the importance of their highly customizable
services as the solutions would ultimately positively impact a
corporation’s bottom line. Commendably, his proprietary operational
efficiency offerings enabled him to establish meaningful relations
with all of his clients.

In 2015, Dalrada Financial announced their decisionto revamp their website to entice more clients. The company’s
team of website designers will incorporate state of the art financial
tools such as recent business news in the form of blogs and
newsletters. The experts will implement these business assistance
guides on the homepage.

Dalrada Financial proudly presents solid products that promote capital
and protection to their client’s companies. The mission of the company
is to encourage wholeness among the owner, executives, and staff.

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