Tips On Writing An Article About Yourself or Someone Else On Wikipedia

If you are thinking about writing a Wikipedia article about yourself, a company or someone that you know, it is best to follow the rules outlined to make a Wiki page and use common sense. Playing by the rules and using your good judgement will prevent the article from backfiring against you and will help you avoid trouble later on.

Wikipedia strongly advises that you avoid writing an article about yourself, your company or a friend to promote yourself or to increase your popularity. Remember Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that is based on facts. It is not a bulletin board where you can promote yourself, your products or your company. If you wish to promote yourself or your business there are other channels to do it on. Articles that promote a company, cause or person and do not add any significant value to Wikipedia will be deleted.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Wikipedia is unbiased and has a neutral point of view. It is also collaborative, public and highly visible. Almost anyone can edit an article and post information that you could find offensive or negative about yourself. If you do not want people to find out about your history or prior affairs then do not create an article about yourself. It is highly likely that sooner or later a major scandal or affair you have been involved will find its way to Wikipedia if it has been documented in a reliable source. If the scandal is well documented and comes from a reliable source than there is nothing you can do to delete it. This is because Wikipedia is unbiased and tells two sides of a story, the good, bad and controversial about a person, company or organization.

Creating an Unbiased and Factual Article About Yourself

Just because you are writing about yourself, your own company, or a company you work for doesn’t meet you are excluded from having to document your information with reliable sources. As with any other article, make sure you have can document your achievements, status or company with verifiable sources. Make sure to write in a neutral tone. Describe yourself from the point of view of a stranger who doesn’t know you, but is merely telling the facts about you, your company or friend. Having reliable sources, and keeping the content in the article unbiased is the key to writing a good a article about yourself or a company that you own.

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