Talent Management : New Talent and Old

Talent Management in Corporate Environments

The corporate business world of today has a steady influx of savvy professionals of all ages. Some of these people are well qualified. They’re motivated to help their business grow in ways that no one else could imagine. The ingenuity new talent has can be out of this world. The creative capacity of some unique individuals brings new levels of confidence to the corporation in which they are joining. With this confidence the company or corporation grows. It is almost necessary in today’s world for newer talent to be introduced to companies. Veteran team members may have built the company to where it resides, but they were once new as well. The balance of bringing in new talent while keeping veteran team members satisfied is a never ending struggle that will persist as long as corporate agendas remain focused on monetary gains. It is the job of fantastic Human Resource employees and talent managers to help maintain this balance if the company is to survive.

Talent managers have vital roles within a company to assist in maintaining the satisfaction of veteran members while introducing fresh talent into the stream of ideas. The ideas from new creative individuals are a life force for many conpanies. Without these ideas a company would die, much like a plant shrivels without fresh water. The stream of new ideas can bring light to issues that plague companies. Bringing in new consultants, team members and other employees will make the talent pool within the company feel more diverse. With a more diverse talent pool ideas will surely cover a large scope. Mostly every company finds numerous benefits from bringing in new talent. Managing these individuals once they land within a department is crucial to maintaining the long term success of the company.

Having A Trusted Voice Within Your Company

There’s nothing more valuable to the long term success of a company than having solid management teams in place. Management teams that know the difference between successful individuals and others are what gives a company the resilience it needs to survive any economic conditions. Susan McGalla is a woman who has reached all levels of corporate business structures with her breath and influence. She started at American Eagle, working in merchandising, and she left after residing as president of the company and helping open other branches. Within the company and since she has left, Susan has had a wide degree of talent management skills attributed to her roles. She is now the Director of Strategic Growth and Planning with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Without good talent managers to help motivate and maintain the flows of energy within a company, our corporate business worlds would remain stagnant and fall apart. Things naturally evolve. However, it is helpful to have someone there to help them along. Talent managers are aware of the goals of the company. They must be. They bring together individuals who share those goals

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