Skout Is A Perfect Way For A Busy College Student To Meet New People!

I am pre-law and I do not have a lot of time to socialize because I am always In class, studying, or I am at work. Thanks to Skout I am never lonely any more! With over 100 million members worldwide in the Skout community, there is always someone new to meet. I save so much money because I don’t have to go out to clubs to meet new and exciting people. This is important when one needs to watch every penny so that he can attend college and law school.

I have met several girls in person that I found on Skout. My dating life has never been better. I am too busy to be tied down in a relationship but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? Skout makes it so easy to find a date. Everyone I meet is like-minded and eager to meet a new friend. I never have to go out alone and I always have a date thanks to this app.

I really love the “Shake To Chat” feature that is unique to Skout. It’s completely addicting! I just shake my phone and the app connects me with a random member. They could be from anywhere in the word. Places like: Ireland, Russia, Italy, or even the Bahamas. I am actually friends with a pretty girl named Molly in Ireland and we plan to meet in person when I travel to the UK next Spring break.

All of Skout’s features, such as likes, comments, virtual gifts, and backstage photos, make interacting with others so easy—even with complete strangers! It’s layout is very similar to the other Social Networks so you will be familiar with everything the second that you sign in.

You can use Skout’s GPS to find other users that are near you. This makes clubs, concerts, and other events so much more fun. Imagine being at a baseball game and witnessing a home run. Seriously, you could say, “Did you see that?” and any other Skout member could say, “Yes I did; and, I am right over here. Hi!” And, you’ve just made a new friend in person who also likes baseball as much as you do.

I love finding other users with similar interests all across the world. I am a Chess enthusiast and I love playing other Chess players from different countries—especially Russia! I actually speak Russian and Skout supports that language and many more.

Another feature that I love about this app is that it separates the adults from the kids. This is great and it assures Skout members that they will only meet people they have common interests with.

I could go on and on about this app but I have to get back to my law studies so that I can go to the movies tonight with Gina, Tori, and Jimmy, my new circle of friends. And yes, I met all three right there on Skout.

Download this app and get yourself a life right now!

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