I Was Able To Find A Great Study Buddy Through Skout

I love how the Skout network on techcrunch is a lot of fun to use, and dating was something that I had considered doing on the network. Many people that I knew had gone onto Skout to look for dates, but it wasn’t something I was too keen on. I was really into college and my studies, so I just wanted to find a way to increase my knowledge as well as getting through college. I had even thought of using Skout as a way to find a study buddy.

I go to UCLA and I’m new to the campus. It seems like a lot of fun to go to school in another state, but it’s no fun when all your friends are hundreds of miles away. Because I was low on funds, it wouldn’t be a possibility to go home anytime soon. I’d be lucky if I could go home during any of the breaks that we are given throughout the year. I decided that I would keep my head down, and I will work hard to achieve my goals. I did want to make some friends, but I really was looking for a study buddy.

Everywhere I went on campus to try and look for someone who would study with me, I kept coming up empty. I even checked the bulletin boards at school and I found nothing. I went to people in class to ask if they’d like the study, but most of them were more concerned about partying. This is really weird, but I thought it would be a good idea to go on the Skout network to look for a friend and a study buddy. I never would’ve thought of Skout if I wasn’t desperate because it seemed more like a dating network, but anyone on the network would be more serious than some of the people I go to school with.

I started to feel as if I was the only one in school who really wanted to learn something and not party through my college years. I went ahead and started searching the Skout network for people that lived in my area. I’ve been a member of Skout for a while now, but because I was going off to school I didn’t do a lot of socializing. I was able to find tons of people that lived close to my school, but I wanted someone who was still in college, especially someone who had some of my same courses.

I can’t believe how reliable Skout is when it comes to looking for certain types of people because I was able to find some other people that were also looking for study buddies. I have several different courses, but the courses that were most important to me are the ones that I found a study partner for. I would message people on the Skout network, and I quickly got responses about studying with them. I’ve been able to find people to study with, and several of those people became my friends.

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