Freedom Pop Holding Its Own Against Wireless Giants

Freedom Pop is a Los Angeles-based wireless and data service that was created in 2011. Freedom Pop’s platform is providing free data, mobile and voice services and you can also bring your own Sprint device. The basic program offers customers 500 text monthly text messages, 200 voice minutes and 500 MB of data. If a customer goes over the basic plan allotment, they can choose from a number of package.

Freedom Pop is considered a “light” phone plan. This means individuals who don’t need or want too many additions or talk on the phone as much as some. That being said, Freedom Pop makes the bulk of its money from customers who purchase the additional packages. Some who go over their allotment are charged if they don’t purchase more coverage.

Freedom Pop is designed to save customers money. But the packages are actually making the company a great deal of money. While some customers are satisfied with the basic plan and make no other purchases, others will buy more voice minutes, data plans and texts. Compared to other larger companies like Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, who take in about $45 bucks a month per plan, Freedom Pop only nets around $7. But it works because its pure profit.

Many people are dropping their wireless plans an joining up with Freedom Pop. A lot of people get tired of the hidden costs and charges associated with larger companies; some of the services simply aren’t needed. A few months after Freedom Pop CEO Stephen Sokols was brought online, a number of more established companies were interested.

Sprint, as well as several other companies are interested in acquiring Freedom Pop. Many bids were thrown into the ring, but the company decided to stand pat. After looking over its financials, the company believes it can do even better.

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