Cool Council: Attorney Dan Newlin’s Incredible Brand

Orlando-based Attorney Dan Newlin wears many hats. With a new office in Chicago, Mr. Newlin plays just about every position on the field. In any given day, he’s the face of advertising of the gigantic legal empire, the idea guy behind its highly successful marketing, the front man and advocate extraordinaire for its litigation department, the avenger to the families he represents, and even the head of charitable giving.

Anyone driving along Orlando’s highways has surely seen the face of Dan Newlin and noticed his confidence-building byline: Former Sheriff’s Detective. Some say that’s what gives Newlin his edge. He isn’t into putting on a show so much as he is getting results, a personality trait he likely learned working for the Sheriff’s Office. He also knows what he’s looking for when it comes to finding facts that defeat his opponents, just like a good detective.

What sets Dan Newlin apart is his willingness to get personally involved in the cases despite being such a household name. His personal drive has catapulted him to an important position in an industry that makes it hard to be different.

More importantly, Newlin puts the families he represents first. A case involving a record verdict of $100 million for a girl who was hit by the stray bullet of a gang member especially shows this. Attorney Newlin recovered the verdict despite the gang member’s unlikeliness to pay, out of a necessity to show the gang member that he is both criminally and civilly liable. (Twitter)

But Newlin isn’t content just making a difference in the courtroom. In recent years, the Central Florida power attorney has teamed up with the likes of the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital and even Evander Holyfield to bring smiles to the tiny faces of kids suffering from cancer. Newlin is known to have been inspired by Holyfield’s resilience in the face of adversity.

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