Why I Love this Dog Food Brand’s Ad

When it comes to the advertisements that are on television, there are some that stand out and some that are ignored. When it comes to advertising in general, there is some advertising that is creative and special, and there is some that is boring and dull. One dog food brand released advertising that is unique, and I really like the kind of video that they put together.

Beneful created an ad that is focused on dogs but also has a twist to it. The ad that Beneful put out is one that I enjoyed, and one that helps the brand to stand above and beyond others out there. The video that Beneful put out features a Rube Goldberg machine that includes dog in the way that the machine works. This ad shows creativity, and it helps the Beneful brand to stand apart from other dog food brands out there. This is an ad that I love, and it comes from a great brand.

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