Skout Helped Me To Reconnect With A High School Crush

I gave myself a deadline to find a new girlfriend, but I wasn’t certain that I would meet that deadline. I’ve been alone for months now, and I decided to join the Skout network. I said that if I didn’t find a girlfriend in six months that I was going to start traveling around the world, and then I wouldn’t worry about finding a girlfriend. I’m glad that I joined the Skout network, because it would’ve been fun to travel around the world, but I’m enjoying my time with my new girlfriend even more. How I found my girlfriend is a funny story.

When I joined the Skout network, I joined after midnight, and I had to go to work the next morning. I barely got to do anything on the website before I had to jump into bed. The very next day, I had gotten a message from someone, and I couldn’t understand how anyone messaged me so quickly. I didn’t even have a picture of myself up yet because I hadn’t had time to do anything on my profile. I decided to indulge, and I wrote the person who had written to me. The lady said she wrote me because we were close in age.

It also turns out that the lady lived close by me, and she wanted to know more about me. I was free at the time, so I started writing back to her. I told her which high school I went to, and it’s amazing because she went to the same high school. After we talked some more, I was surprised to find out that she had been in several of the same classes as me, and we were actually the same age but only months apart.

When I went to look at my high school yearbook, I found her picture in there fairly quickly, and I realized that she was someone I had a crush on back in the day. I was astounded by the fact that a girl I liked in high school is the same girl that is now flirting with me. I let her know the connection between us, and she couldn’t believe it. We continued talking through the Skout network, and we shared new pictures of ourselves. I had graduated high school two years ago, but I still lived in the same town. I let her know I had possibly planned on doing some traveling, and she begged me not to.

She did offer to travel with me, but after I really got to know her, I decided I wanted to stay in town. We both use Skout every day to talk to each other, and we would even talk through the Skout application on our phones. When we met in public, we hit it off very quickly. We ended up spending a lot of time together, but anytime we were part we would talk on the Skout network. It’s unbelievable that Skout has brought me back together with a high school crush, and now she is my girlfriend.

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