Skout Helped Me To Get Over My Ex Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I broke up two weeks ago, and I was hoping that we would get back together, but I knew it wasn’t going to happen when I saw that he was on the Skout network again. We actually met through a social media network, and we both had joined Skout for fun. Whenever we were away from each other, we would use the Skout network to talk, but now it looks as if he’s using Skout for dating. He has put some information in his profile that makes it seem as if he’s had another girlfriend this whole time.

I thought that it’s time he face the music, and I decided I would use Skout to start looking for a guy as well. What better way to get back to my boyfriend for possibly cheating on me than to look for another guy, the same way he found another girl? I put some information in my profile about being single and wanting a great guy from town. What I did must have worked because my ex boyfriend messaged me, and he asked how I was doing. I didn’t even bother responding. I started searching for different guys on Skout, and I came across a few that peaked my interest.

I ended up meeting each of the guys, but I still had my ex boyfriend in the back of my mind. After being on Skout for a month and looking for other guys, I decided that I would pick one of the guys that I had met up with. I didn’t want to go too fast, so I asked the guy if we could just continue talking through Skout, and maybe once a week we would go out. I started getting messages from my ex boyfriend saying he wanted me back.

I told him I wasn’t interested, and I kept talking to the new guy I met on Skout. I used the Skout application on my phone, and I would be on Skout for several hours a day chatting with my new guy friend. It got to a point where we would talk up to four hours a day, so we decided we would start meeting in person a lot more. We met at different locations each week, and I am really starting to fall for the guy. He is a great person, and I have Skout to thank for the fact that I met him.

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