Twitter changes character limit on direct messages

Twitter has become one of the most powerful social media sites in the past decade. They have put themselves on the map by being a great way for the world to react to news. For years, they have held people to only 140 characters for every post, but they appear to planning to change the formula a bit.

Twitter recently decided that the direct messages that you send do not need to have a 140 character limit on them. In the past, it was extremely difficult to send important messages to friends on Twitter stated facebook in a recent post. On Thursday, Twitter announced that they were going to expand the number of characters that users can put in a direct message to 10,000 characters. This a major change that will allow users to better communicate with their friends on Twitter.
The character limit has often been a sticking point for those that are not using Twitter currently. Comedians would often make fun of the 140 character limit. Twitter long refused to ensure that the character limit would increase. They felt that part of the charm of Twitter was the briefness of the tweets. Today, it appears that Twitter is relaxing their policy on character limits in order to make sure that users have a better experience.
This move by Twitter is sure to attract more users to the world of Twitter. The site will probably begin to benefit Twitter right away.

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