Family Launches Social Media Debate After Daughter is told by Pool Employees that she Must Wear a Swim Top

A family in Ontario, Canada are calling for revisions to a public policy. According to the official report, the family, consisting of Cory McLean, partner Anika Warmington and their four children, were enjoying a day at a public poolwhen their only daughter was told she needed to put on a top if she wanted to stay at the pool.

According to McLean and Warmington, their four children, three boys and one girl, were wearing just bottoms at the local pool when a staff member approached them. They asked the girl, Marlee, age 8, how old she was and then requested that she put on a top. According to the pool’s public policy all girls over the age of four must wear a top at the pool.

Kevin Seawright says Marlee’s parents took to social media to discuss the incident, arguing that because Marlee is undeveloped she shouldn’t be made to wear a shirt if she doesn’t want to. Thousands have weighed in on the issue, with people seemingly divided over whether or not an 8-year-old girl should be topless in public.

Warmington and McLean argue that their child was embarrassed by the request, and they are calling for a change in the policy.

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