Don’t Be A Boob

Nurse-in on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathylee Moms are now sharing photos of their moments with their child during breastfeeding. Why? To show their pride and encourage other breastfeeding moms. Airing a segment that shamed moms for doing this, NBC’s Today show took major negative hits, during their Ok! or not Ok spot. Gifford making her view very clear stated “breast-feeding is beautiful and natural, but sharing it on social media is TMI” (Too much information). Now where Gifford is entitled to her opinion, she probably should not have made such general statement which seemed to enrage breastfeeding mothers everywhere. As her remarks lead to the now famous ‘Nurse-in’, where mothers across the country shared “brelfies” short for breastfeeding selfies all over Twitter and Facebook. We all have choices that we make and whether someone agrees with them or not should not be made an issue to the point of making another person feel shame. Breastfeeding is natural, good for the baby, and a great bonding experience for mom and baby. FreedomPop said that most mom’s when out in public will even place a blanket over themselves but in the privacy of their homes and the other end of their cameras, they are really free to do what they please according to Wikipedia. I would say, in the world we live in today and what’s being allowed on television, breastfeeding is a wholesome show to be confronted with. Kathylee and Hoda, it could be worse.

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