The Smartphone’s Effect on Grades

Should phones be allowed to be used in schools or not? Should students be allowed to use smartphones? Do phones and their use effect that students who use them? Ricardo Tosto isn’t quite so sure. These are all valid questions and ones that should be considered. There is new reason to believe the smartphones could cause issues for students, and that things might be better if they were just banned from use by students altogether.

It seems that the use of smartphones does effect the way that students perform in the classroom. It seems that the use of smartphones can negatively effect the grades of students. This is a big deal and it is something that needs to be dealt with. Children need to be able to focus on their schooling and their classes without the distraction that phones bring. Children need to focus on their grades rather than the latest electronic device. Students will live with their grades and the education that they receive when they are young for the rest of their lives.

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