The Almost Famous

YouTube is a popular online video sharing site that has gained great popularity across the world. Millions, like Fersen Lambranho, visit the site daily to check out the latest uploaded videos. Most of the people in the videos are your average everyday person. They are not well known stars or the rich and famous. Still, there are people on the site that have carved out a special niche for their talent. They are the “Almost Famous” because only YouTube viewers are familiar with their star status. Read more about YouTube making films with The Almost Famous.

The video sharing site is branching out. They are making stars out of their top video celebrities. Netflix and Amazon should definitely take a second look at what they are attempting. They’ve signed movie deals with popular video stars on the site. They plan to stream those movies to their growing league of online fans. They plan to feature some of the sites best known stars. They include Fine Brothers, Prank vs Prank, Joey Graceffa, and Smosh. Don’t worry, if you are unfamiliar with those names. Their average fans are probably teens with plenty of time to watch their antics on the popular video sharing site. I seriously doubt if the average person over 30 knows them.

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