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Skout Is Where I Found My UK Girlfriend

I love anything to do with the Internet, and I will spend hours a day searching the net. I am on nearly every social media network out there, and I get excited when I hear about new trends going on online. I’ve been a member of the website Skout for years, but I never thought about using the website to find love. I know that one of the biggest uses of the Skout network is for people to find someone they may be able to love, but it was not my intention to look for a soul mate.

Since I liked to go online and have fun, I thought it might be a good idea to start utilizing Skout, and to start using it for something other than for socializing. I haven’t had a relationship in over a year, and I honestly thought that I was done with looking for the opposite sex because of the heartache I’ve gone through. I decided to start doing a search on the Skout network for a significant other. I thought in my mind all the things that I wanted in a potential partner, and I decided to put these requests into my search.

I was automatically able to find some great women, but I didn’t want to get too serious too soon. I decided to use the “shake to chat” feature to randomly pick girls from anywhere in the world to talk to you. I absolutely love the fact that I can sit and talk with different people from around the world, without having to do a specific search for them. One girl in particular, she really got my attention. The lady was absolutely beautiful, and she was from the UK. After we talked with each other for a while, I had become infatuated with her.

I know that I live in Connecticut, and she lives in a whole other country, but I couldn’t help myself. I talked with her every single night on the Skout network. Sometimes, I would take an extended lunch break at work, just so I could continue communicating with her. We would easily spend hours a day speaking to each other through Skout, and she even gave me her phone number to give her a call. We both talked once in a while on the phone, but we mostly talked through the Skout network. I hope to meet this girl one day, and it’s all thanks to Skout.

Man Sits In A Cafe Waiting For Money.

Jason Dang claims to have found a note while visiting a Cafe last year. It was in a book on a shelf and said that if he returned to the coffee shop on May 27, 2015 he would be given $300. The note even gave a code word to be used on the big day. This story really perked up folks over at Beneful‘s offices.

Dang posted a picture of the letter with the code word covered on Social Media. It became a popular thread on Reddit where it was discussed several times leading up to the big day. It garnered over 1,000 responses. Some people warned him that he could be set up for a robbery or worse, others felt it was a hoax. Most of the replies said he should return.

So on May 27, 2015 Dang showed up at the Cafe where he waited to see if the money would show up. Sadly it didn’t, it seems it was a hoax. The surprising part is what happened throughout the day. Dang received the following gifts from well-wishers. Click Here For Full Story.

$10 to spend at the cafe while he waited.
Three pizzas
Fan mail with gift cards for the cafe
A bunch of stuff from a website called Screw Attack
Three hundred dollars in Monopoly money
A party when Reddit users showed up.

Dang states that it was a good day even if he didn’t receive the promised money. He’s glad he turned up. And the code word? It was “grapes are tasty”.

Colin Kaepernick in Hot Water After “Insensitive” Instagram Post

The wide world of wonderful technology can give just as easily as it takes away. For many football players, accounts on Instagram and Twitter give them an easy way to build their brand and a rapport with fans all over the globe. Using these services the right way can lead to players selling more jerseys and becoming more popular. Unfortunately these accounts on social media also offer an opportunity for some pretty severe brain cramps, as 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick soon found out.

Kaepernick has been using the “hashtag” #7tormsComing for the past year or so as his own personal identifier on the network. The 7 stands for his jersey number and the ‘Storms Coming’ shows that Kaepernick thinks he will take the league by storm in the next season. First up on the schedule is a game against the Houston Texans, whose city was being rattled by a deadly storm and flooding issue. Kaepernick posted an image of the storm onto his Instagram with a subtitle that read “I warned you the #7tormsComing #Houston” implying that he would soon descend upon the city to get a win.

Business leaders said that while seemingly devoid of ill intent, the post still was found tacky and distasteful due to the serious nature of the Houston floods. At least 10 people have been killed in the flooding and millions of dollars have been lost in property damage all along Texas and Oklahoma. Kaepernick has since deleted the post and apologized.

10-Year-Old Math Genius Already Taking College Courses

A 10 year-old girl is already doing her Math degree in the university. Esther Okade was accepted in the university after getting exemplary results in her math test. Another factor that contributed to her being accepted was her Vice Chancellor, who was amazed by her ambition and dedication.

This makes Esther the youngest student in any college the world over. The girl is doing very well. Esther got a perfect score in one of the tests which she termed as easy.

Applying to the university was interesting because of her young age. Her interviewers learnt that it has always been her dream to join university. She started pestering her mother, who was also her home school teacher, at the age of seven. Her mother was reluctant at first since she didn’t think that Esther was ready but she later gave in 3 years later.

She later applied for college last year on August, which surprised Mikal Watts. After writing an essay, doing a math exam and participating in a phone interview, she was accepted. She got the news in December and was very happy.

Esther comes from a really brilliant family as her younger brother is also exhibiting great mathematical skills. Isaiah is already solving complex mathematical problems such as calculus and advanced algebra.

In the future, Esther hopes to start her own bank. She is also promising to be the first person to invest in the bank.

The Smartphone’s Effect on Grades

Should phones be allowed to be used in schools or not? Should students be allowed to use smartphones? Do phones and their use effect that students who use them? Ricardo Tosto isn’t quite so sure. These are all valid questions and ones that should be considered. There is new reason to believe the smartphones could cause issues for students, and that things might be better if they were just banned from use by students altogether.

It seems that the use of smartphones does effect the way that students perform in the classroom. It seems that the use of smartphones can negatively effect the grades of students. This is a big deal and it is something that needs to be dealt with. Children need to be able to focus on their schooling and their classes without the distraction that phones bring. Children need to focus on their grades rather than the latest electronic device. Students will live with their grades and the education that they receive when they are young for the rest of their lives.

Voter Intensity Masquerades on Facebook

Dr. Ben Carson garners more interest than all other republican candidates in a Facebook data report. This is often seen as a non-measurement with no value. However, it reveals voter intensity, and voter intensity is a very real metric for people that are more likely to vote. In turn, the model for likely voters drives all reasonable legitimate polling organizations. Carson beats Cruz and almost doubles the interactions of Rand Paul. This Facebook metric measures intensity in a broad spectrum, but in particularly, it measures interactions that come from an informed subset of voter. This voter is a strong candidate for who will eventually vote.

This why it matters that none of these candidates got more interactions than even Bernie Sanders. Bernie who? Bernie Sanders is the other democratic candidate. He is a progressive firebrand and has been known to refer to himself as socialist. He beats all of the republican candidate interactions, but Hillary has 3 million more interactions than Sanders. She absolutely trounces all republican interactions and almost matches their combined total. These results are ignored at the peril of all opponents. However, Skout reports the fact that a socialist like Bernie Sanders is beating them shows that Americans are not moved by their popular portrayal of a socialist as a bogeyman.

The Almost Famous

YouTube is a popular online video sharing site that has gained great popularity across the world. Millions, like Fersen Lambranho, visit the site daily to check out the latest uploaded videos. Most of the people in the videos are your average everyday person. They are not well known stars or the rich and famous. Still, there are people on the site that have carved out a special niche for their talent. They are the “Almost Famous” because only YouTube viewers are familiar with their star status. Read more about YouTube making films with The Almost Famous.

The video sharing site is branching out. They are making stars out of their top video celebrities. Netflix and Amazon should definitely take a second look at what they are attempting. They’ve signed movie deals with popular video stars on the site. They plan to stream those movies to their growing league of online fans. They plan to feature some of the sites best known stars. They include Fine Brothers, Prank vs Prank, Joey Graceffa, and Smosh. Don’t worry, if you are unfamiliar with those names. Their average fans are probably teens with plenty of time to watch their antics on the popular video sharing site. I seriously doubt if the average person over 30 knows them.