Is Facebook Pushing Specific Values?

Many Facebook users are starting to ask a serious question today about whether the site promotes certain political and religious beliefs over others using its Trending feature, which is supposed to display the content that a majority of users are reading and interacting with at any given time.

At one point this morning, Facebook displayed a link with a description titled “Jemima Kirke: Actress Discusses Her Abortion in Center for Reproductive Rights PSA.” The link was to a video of Kirke’s story about her abortion and her belief that woman have the right to choose. In the same column, the social network listed four pieces related to birth and children: “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Couple Reveals Pregnancy With Video Rap Inspired by Theme Song,” “Billy Joel: Singer and Girlfriend Alexis Roderick Expecting 1st Child Together,” “Kimora Lee Simmons: Fashion Mogul Gives Birth to Baby Boy With Husband Tim Leissner” and “Kelly Clarkson: Singer Appears on Cover of Redbook Magazine With 10-Month-Old Daughter.”

Sam Tabar has noticed that even though some of the trending stories portrayed liberals, the four links seem too coincidental — especially given they cover everything from birth announcements and actual birth to Kelly Clarkson and her 10-month old.

Clarkson was hailed by other conservatives earlier this year when she revealed — at the same time conservatives were fighting to protect two anti-abortion “heartbeat bills” — that her song, “Heartbeat Song,” included her daughter’s actual heartbeat.

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