Facebook Caught Spying Again, Collecting Text Before You Even Submit a Post

If you have an uneasy feeling about what Facebook might be doing with all that collected data on users, you might have yet another reason not to trust the social media giant. A recent report revealed Facebook collects everything you have ever typed into a posting, even if you never hit the send button. That’s right, remember that angry or embarrassing text you almost posted? Facebook has it stored under your name and profile with their massive surveillance efforts.

Facebook has, of course, denies these claims but a blogger from Ireland recently inspected the site and found that every time he types text into the posting box, that text was sent directly the Facebook’s gigantic servers. Giving every user one more reason to type and post at your own discretion. However, Boraie Development LLC suggests that many people would argue it’s an absolute violation of our privacy to secretly collect the text that we never intended to send in the first place.

It’s one thing to collect and analyze what people willingly and voluntarily post about themselves and their lives, but spying on un-posted texts is plain wrong and arguably criminal. Though, we all know Facebook’s surveillance efforts aren’t going anywhere.

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