Facebook Accounts Post-Mortem

A useful life hack has been recently added by Facebook, or maybe not so much of a ‘life’ hack since it is a setting for when you pass away, but still. The new option is called ‘Legacy Contact’. Legacy Contact means that you give a person close to you the possibility of changing your account to a sort of memorial in the event that you pass away.

You can also choose the option for your account to be deactivated. It might seem bizarre to plan such things, but the option might actually ease the feelings of your loved ones, as a contact lingering forever is no good either.

Dormant accounts are good catches for hackers, as they are generally free to use these accounts for their own purposes while also drawing a small amount of attention stated Kevin Seawright. Nobody plans to die tomorrow but having it all set up in preparation for the worst is never too early. This new menu update is very recent and hasn’t yet fully appeared for some of the users, so if you don’t see it yet it is because it is going to reach you a bit later.

Activating your ‘Legacy Contact’ is easy by clicking through to Settings-Security-Legacy Contact. Either you choose to notify your chosen legacy person or not, and if you choose to do so they will be notified later about the possibility of archiving your data as soon as Facebook becomes aware of you passing away.

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