What Is It With That Dress?

Anyone who has been on social media in the past three days will know all about the dress to which I am speaking about. Apparently, a girl was getting married and her mother-in-law sent her a picture of the dress that she wished to wear to the nuptials. The only problem, the photo she sent the girl was white and gold. The bride obviously thought this was an attempt to upstage her big day, and she was furious. The real drama happened when she posted the photo on tumbler. Then it went viral worldwide.

The photo of the dress was supposed to be a dark black color with blue stripes, however that is not how the bride and millions of other people see it. The picture was later updated with a second one and it clearly showed that there was much issues with the first one. In fact, Paul Mathieson says the bride could have started a war over the pictures, but thankfully later pics showed her and her mother in-law at the wedding.

Whew! What a relief that was settled. I mean, after all, there is world hunger and ISIS is taking over our country, but we can all rest easy knowing that the bride is happy and married to the love of her life. Wonder how many more battles her and the groom’s family will have from here on out? It isn’t looking good for the future if she was so irate over one little dress.

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