Twitter May Face Class Action Lawsuit

Twitter might be facing a class action lawsuit for how it promotes people within the company. A former female engineer for the company is filing a a suit against the company for sexual discrimination and sexual harassment, saying that the company’s promotion process is designed so that it favors male employees.

According to the plaintiff in the case, Twitter employees are only notified of open high-level positions by “shoulder taps” where in a manager would just let one employee know about the opportunity rather than offer the job to the entire company. She says that that process favors males employees, making it so very few female employees rise to senior level positions within the company..

According to the my friend Fersen, when she brought up this issue with Twitter’s management she was let go from the company. Twitter says that she left the company voluntarily and was not forced out or fired from her position. A Twitter spokesperson went on to say that the company is dedicated to creating a diverse workforce, and that the facts will prove that she was ultimately treated fairly.

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