The Ever Achieving Jonathan Veitch

Who is this man, Jonathan Veitch? Words surely cannot tell it all about this educational scholar. He was born in 1959 and is a native of Los Angeles California . He is a husband and a father of three. He attended Loyola High School later went to Stanford University for his bachelor degree. Jonathan joined Harvard for a doctorate degree in the history of American Civilization.

The scholar of English and American Literature has previously served in University of Wisconsin and also as dean of the New School’s Eugene Lang college. He has passion for innovation and engagement that education institutes can bring to the communities. It is this passion that drove him to help the student and the faculty in Lang College to connect the undergraduate Liberal Arts College with Arts and Social Services Organizations.

He is the 15th president of the Occidental College. The college is a liberal art school in Los Angeles and is in a dynamic metropolitan environment.

Jonathan has achieved alot in the institution since he became president in July 2009. First on the list is the working towards improvements of relations between the college and the neighbouring community of Eagle Rock. This has seen the college have forums involving the community to air their grievances. Under the leadership of Jonathan Veitch, the college has hosted public forums for the Los Angeles activists to share their visions for the Los Angeles environmental future with local officials and Cabinet Administrators. He has started Neighbourhood Partnership Programs whose efforts have been of great help to the community.

The college has also seen the completion of the new Samuelson Alumni Center and the expansion and renovation of the Swan Hall. Also under renovation is the Johnson Hall and not forgettting the unveiling of the 1 megawatt Solar array in the college which is the largest of its kind in Los Angeles. All this in the tenure of Jonathan Veitch.

The Occidental College President launched a new integrated strategic planning process to strengthen the College’s future by civic engagements, arts and global literacy programs and created new partnerships with Premier Cultural Institution in South California. This was to ensure that the College ranked among the most up-to-date institutions and covered topics of varied interest.

Achievements cannot be exhausted without the mention of his Award winning , American Superrealism : Nathanael West and Politics of representation in 1930s, book. He has done a lot of research and his specialization includes 19th and 20th Century American Literature and Cultural history and American film. He has focused on the history of higher education in his latest research.

With the above said about this educational pioneer, it is true to say that he is indeed an educational achiever.

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