Now You Can Upload 360-Degree Videos To YouTube

Now you can upload and share videos that are shot in 360-degrees onto YouTube. The feature gives users the ability to create an immersive experience of sorts through videos previously unavailable on the platform.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, a product manager at YouTube said that immersive experiences are an obvious next step for the company. There’s a big difference between watching videos on YouTube and watching videos on an immersive platform like a virtual reality headset, from what Brian Torchin suggested. The hope is that by allowing users to upload 36-degree videos YouTube will able to bridge that gap a bit.

Right now the 360-degree videos on YouTube are fairly limited, and mostly exist on YouTube’s own channel. Expect that number to rise over the coming weeks when people realize that they can upload 360-degree videos, and over time as more 360-degree video cameras become available. Currently a camera capable of capturing a 36-degree view typically runs around $300. That’s not too expensive, but still too much for many consumers to spend.

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