Facebook Considers Hosting More Content on Its Own Site


PCMag reported today that Facebook is exploring the possibility of hosting some news stories and content articles directly on its own site, rather than expecting users to follow links to other sites. At the present time, most content from other providers is linked to the Facebook site but not hosted there directly.

The company is reportedly in discussions with The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, National Geographic and other news content providers to consider allowing Facebook to host some content. This change could prove significant, because visitors would remain longer at Facebook’s site stated austinmdmagazine.com. Traffic might not flow readily to other websites. However, content providers might obtain wider dissemination of specific items of news content. Facebook is the largest social media company on Earth.

Last year, Facebook started a service called FB Newswire to aggreggate news stories. This service was targeted at news media outlets and journalists seeking news content to share with on line visitors who came to their sites. The aggregation service permits media sources to transmit embedded content.

Facebook reportedly revealed that a survey of adult Facebook users conducted in 2013 indicated that only 5% of them relied upon Facebook as the most important way for them to obtain news and information. On the other hand, nearly 50% reported that Facebook provided their chief source of news. Reportedly, video clips and not long articles, increasingly convey news information.

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