Check Out Skout

There you are on vacation alone for the first time and you are wondering what to do. Going on vacation alone can be horrifying for some people. Skout makes it easy to meet new people no matter where you go.

Skout is an application for your phone that allows you to set parameters and locate people who close to you. No more sitting in a dark bar hoping someone will make eye contact with you. With a simple click of of a button, you are able to locate people in your area. You can set the specifications such as age, gender and distance from you.

Skout has revolutionized the way we are able to meet people. No longer are we slaves to our home computers. Skout goes where you go. Millions of people are connecting every day on Skout. Skout has been making the magic happen since 2007. It is user friendly and compatiable with phones and computers. It is easy to sign into Skout with your Facebook account and see what is happening around with a simple click.

Headed out to a concert tonight? It is easy to see who is there as well on Skout. Set your parameters and see what you find! Flying off to Barcelona? No problem! Skout goes with you.

New features of Skout are that when you shake your phone, you will be linked with others who are shaking their phones at that exact moment as well. For those who love the limelight, you can make yourself the center of attention on Skout by putting yourself center stage in the Skout spotlight. No wallflowers here!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to your app store and dowload Skout on your phone so no matter where you go, Skout will go with you!

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