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Twitter May Face Class Action Lawsuit

Twitter might be facing a class action lawsuit for how it promotes people within the company. A former female engineer for the company is filing a a suit against the company for sexual discrimination and sexual harassment, saying that the company’s promotion process is designed so that it favors male employees.

According to the plaintiff in the case, Twitter employees are only notified of open high-level positions by “shoulder taps” where in a manager would just let one employee know about the opportunity rather than offer the job to the entire company. She says that that process favors males employees, making it so very few female employees rise to senior level positions within the company..

According to the my friend Fersen, when she brought up this issue with Twitter’s management she was let go from the company. Twitter says that she left the company voluntarily and was not forced out or fired from her position. A Twitter spokesperson went on to say that the company is dedicated to creating a diverse workforce, and that the facts will prove that she was ultimately treated fairly.

Facebook Considers Hosting More Content on Its Own Site


PCMag reported today that Facebook is exploring the possibility of hosting some news stories and content articles directly on its own site, rather than expecting users to follow links to other sites. At the present time, most content from other providers is linked to the Facebook site but not hosted there directly.

The company is reportedly in discussions with The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, National Geographic and other news content providers to consider allowing Facebook to host some content. This change could prove significant, because visitors would remain longer at Facebook’s site stated Traffic might not flow readily to other websites. However, content providers might obtain wider dissemination of specific items of news content. Facebook is the largest social media company on Earth.

Last year, Facebook started a service called FB Newswire to aggreggate news stories. This service was targeted at news media outlets and journalists seeking news content to share with on line visitors who came to their sites. The aggregation service permits media sources to transmit embedded content.

Facebook reportedly revealed that a survey of adult Facebook users conducted in 2013 indicated that only 5% of them relied upon Facebook as the most important way for them to obtain news and information. On the other hand, nearly 50% reported that Facebook provided their chief source of news. Reportedly, video clips and not long articles, increasingly convey news information.

Now You Can Upload 360-Degree Videos To YouTube

Now you can upload and share videos that are shot in 360-degrees onto YouTube. The feature gives users the ability to create an immersive experience of sorts through videos previously unavailable on the platform.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, a product manager at YouTube said that immersive experiences are an obvious next step for the company. There’s a big difference between watching videos on YouTube and watching videos on an immersive platform like a virtual reality headset, from what Brian Torchin suggested. The hope is that by allowing users to upload 36-degree videos YouTube will able to bridge that gap a bit.

Right now the 360-degree videos on YouTube are fairly limited, and mostly exist on YouTube’s own channel. Expect that number to rise over the coming weeks when people realize that they can upload 360-degree videos, and over time as more 360-degree video cameras become available. Currently a camera capable of capturing a 36-degree view typically runs around $300. That’s not too expensive, but still too much for many consumers to spend.

Check Out Skout

There you are on vacation alone for the first time and you are wondering what to do. Going on vacation alone can be horrifying for some people. Skout makes it easy to meet new people no matter where you go.

Skout is an application for your phone that allows you to set parameters and locate people who close to you. No more sitting in a dark bar hoping someone will make eye contact with you. With a simple click of of a button, you are able to locate people in your area. You can set the specifications such as age, gender and distance from you.

Skout has revolutionized the way we are able to meet people. No longer are we slaves to our home computers. Skout goes where you go. Millions of people are connecting every day on Skout. Skout has been making the magic happen since 2007. It is user friendly and compatiable with phones and computers. It is easy to sign into Skout with your Facebook account and see what is happening around with a simple click.

Headed out to a concert tonight? It is easy to see who is there as well on Skout. Set your parameters and see what you find! Flying off to Barcelona? No problem! Skout goes with you.

New features of Skout are that when you shake your phone, you will be linked with others who are shaking their phones at that exact moment as well. For those who love the limelight, you can make yourself the center of attention on Skout by putting yourself center stage in the Skout spotlight. No wallflowers here!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to your app store and dowload Skout on your phone so no matter where you go, Skout will go with you!

The Ever Achieving Jonathan Veitch

Who is this man, Jonathan Veitch? Words surely cannot tell it all about this educational scholar. He was born in 1959 and is a native of Los Angeles California . He is a husband and a father of three. He attended Loyola High School later went to Stanford University for his bachelor degree. Jonathan joined Harvard for a doctorate degree in the history of American Civilization.

The scholar of English and American Literature has previously served in University of Wisconsin and also as dean of the New School’s Eugene Lang college. He has passion for innovation and engagement that education institutes can bring to the communities. It is this passion that drove him to help the student and the faculty in Lang College to connect the undergraduate Liberal Arts College with Arts and Social Services Organizations.

He is the 15th president of the Occidental College. The college is a liberal art school in Los Angeles and is in a dynamic metropolitan environment.

Jonathan has achieved alot in the institution since he became president in July 2009. First on the list is the working towards improvements of relations between the college and the neighbouring community of Eagle Rock. This has seen the college have forums involving the community to air their grievances. Under the leadership of Jonathan Veitch, the college has hosted public forums for the Los Angeles activists to share their visions for the Los Angeles environmental future with local officials and Cabinet Administrators. He has started Neighbourhood Partnership Programs whose efforts have been of great help to the community.

The college has also seen the completion of the new Samuelson Alumni Center and the expansion and renovation of the Swan Hall. Also under renovation is the Johnson Hall and not forgettting the unveiling of the 1 megawatt Solar array in the college which is the largest of its kind in Los Angeles. All this in the tenure of Jonathan Veitch.

The Occidental College President launched a new integrated strategic planning process to strengthen the College’s future by civic engagements, arts and global literacy programs and created new partnerships with Premier Cultural Institution in South California. This was to ensure that the College ranked among the most up-to-date institutions and covered topics of varied interest.

Achievements cannot be exhausted without the mention of his Award winning , American Superrealism : Nathanael West and Politics of representation in 1930s, book. He has done a lot of research and his specialization includes 19th and 20th Century American Literature and Cultural history and American film. He has focused on the history of higher education in his latest research.

With the above said about this educational pioneer, it is true to say that he is indeed an educational achiever.

How To Create An Account, Edit and Create Informative Pages On Wikipedia

Everyone knows that Wikipedia is full of information. Some of this information is valuable and some, we’ll, it could use a bit of help. Let’s begin by first discovering how to create a page on Wikipedia. I’d like to thank the team at Get Your Wiki  for providing all of the excellent advice that you’ll see in this article. And I’d be remiss not to mention that they’ll do this all for you if you’d prefer not to do the work!

To begin with, you’re going to need to register an account. Don’t worry, it’s free. In order to register you’re going to need a few things. You’re going to need a ‘user name’ and a password. It’s also wise to include your email address. As soon as you’re registered it takes you right into your account.

From your account page you can then begin creating pages, editing pages, and renaming pages (to be more accurate) as well as uploading images (be sure that you have the rights to do this or that the images are public domain).

Now that you’ve got that down, let’s go to creating a user page. Here you will create your own page. From this page you can see all of the other pages you’ve created, and you can see any edits on pages that you have made. Simply follow the prompts to create your own user page.

Before you begin creating other pages, you’ll want to go into the upper right corner and do a search on the topic you are planning to create. If the topic is already there, peruse those pages and see if you have anything to contribute or if there is a need for more information. You may find that you are actually adding to a page or creating a sub topic.

Wikipedia has made creating, editing and improving pages very easy. They have prompts for each and every step, all you have to do is follow the prompts from within your account. It’s important to remember, the Internet is worldwide and many people are using Wikipedia on a daily basis.

Back up your information with citations whenever possible. If there is a glaring spelling error or grammatical error, fix it (politely). There are varied spellings for many words and some words can be spelled regionally (example: check and cheque).

Take a tour through the various topics that Wikipedia has up for helping you to improve their site. Be the friendly page creator/editor, not the English professor that everyone hates.

Practice a few times before you actually publish your own pages. Peruse other pages and get the feel for how they do it. Once you get the hang of it, you’re going to have a wonderful time helping to improve this site.

The Dorchester Collection: Fine Hotels in Great Cities

Traveling can be a great way to see the world and expand one’s understanding of the universe. Those who travel often look for the very best possible accommodations. This allows those who are going from one place to another to have a space where they can recharge their batteries and relax after a long day spent walking around Parisian museums or exploring the world of London art galleries. The right hotel can help people feel as if they have a second home and as if they can leave all of their worries behind while they seeing many important cities first hand.

The same is true for those who traveling on business. A business trip may be done for a wide variety of purposes. Some people find that helps to see others face to face while some will need to check on their business interests in places around the world. In order to help facilitate this process and make it far less stressful, many look for a hotel where they can retreat after a long business day. A good hotel will also offer business people the chance to have a space where they can entertain any visiting clients in a relaxed setting.

One place that helps provide travelers with all of their needs while traveling is the Dorchester Collection. Assembled by the Sultan of Brunei starting in 2006, the collection has grown to ten hotels in several major important cities. Under his leadership, travelers around the world now have ten hotels to pick from as they travel from place to place. Travelers can pick a hotel from the collection where their needs will be met. Each hotel features many important features that helps make traveling easier such as access to conference rooms, on site spas and luxury amenities. Many have other kinds of luxuries as well.

In many hotels in the Dorchester Collection, travelers will find upscale restaurants run by some of the world’s finest chefs. Here they can entertain clients as they dine on items such as duck and scallops accompanied by fine wines that have been carefully chosen to complement the menu items offered. Travelers can also enjoy the chance to relax even further at one of several spas that are found on the grounds of the hotels here. All in all, many people are pleased to discover that the Dorchester Collection can offer them just what they need.

What Is It With That Dress?

Anyone who has been on social media in the past three days will know all about the dress to which I am speaking about. Apparently, a girl was getting married and her mother-in-law sent her a picture of the dress that she wished to wear to the nuptials. The only problem, the photo she sent the girl was white and gold. The bride obviously thought this was an attempt to upstage her big day, and she was furious. The real drama happened when she posted the photo on tumbler. Then it went viral worldwide.

The photo of the dress was supposed to be a dark black color with blue stripes, however that is not how the bride and millions of other people see it. The picture was later updated with a second one and it clearly showed that there was much issues with the first one. In fact, Paul Mathieson says the bride could have started a war over the pictures, but thankfully later pics showed her and her mother in-law at the wedding.

Whew! What a relief that was settled. I mean, after all, there is world hunger and ISIS is taking over our country, but we can all rest easy knowing that the bride is happy and married to the love of her life. Wonder how many more battles her and the groom’s family will have from here on out? It isn’t looking good for the future if she was so irate over one little dress.

Beneful Dog Food Serving And Buying Guide

Beneful makes various kinds of foods that give dogs the nutrients that they need. However, to achieve the best results, the correct amount of food must be served to the pet.

The Nutrients


The proteins in Beneful dog food are essential for grown because they are the building blocks for enzymes, tissues, cells, and organs. Although Beneful manufacturers healthy dog foods, pets still enjoy eating the delicious varieties, such as turkey, chicken, and beef.


Dogs need foods that have fats. Fats give pets more energy than carbohydrates and proteins. Beneful packs fats in every product because they help build solid cells structures. When dogs eat foods that lack the proper amount of fatty acids, they usually have severe skin problems.

Achieving The Benefits – How To Properly Serve Dog Food

Although Beneful makes quality dog products, dog owners should never guess when serving their pets. Measuring and calculating is always the best solution. For this task, a dog food calculator must be used because it offers great results.

The first step is to enter the dog’s ideal weight. Then, determine the dog’s activity level. Finally, input the “calories per serving” for the pet. When the calculator provides the results, they will not be extremely accurate. Usually, if a dog is a certain breed, some adjustments will need to be made. All the specifics are listed on Facebook for people to look through.

The Shopping Process – Dry Or Wet Food

If storage and measuring is important, select Beneful’s dry food. Dry food also offers health benefits because it improves gums and teeth.

Canned food, however, has more protein, which is very important to some dogs. Wet food is typically the best choice for picky dogs because it is more palatable. People who have numerous dogs usually choose wet food since it has a longer shelf life when it is not opened.