Parody Better Than Real Thing

The best way to advertise a business is through advertising. The best advertising is that which reaches the largest number of people, engages them in the actual advertising campaign and gets them to visit the business and buy stuff.

Well, it seems that Arby’s has hit the jackpot. Well, not actually Arby’s, but a parody site on Twitter tat makes fun of food, the human existence and life itself. It seems that posing the tough questions that make people think is a way to get them to eat. The parody site makes fun of food that Arby’s sells, and questions what man’s existence on the planet is….then encourages people to eat.

The response rate to the posts is at an alarming high as well and has been assisted by technology enhanced radiology. Readers have overwhelmingly taken a liking to the almost morbid posts. The restaurant chain has been able to capitalize on the posts through offering links to the real Arby’s site, and offering coupons for customers who read the tweets.

This is the perfect union for any advertising plan. The parody has gotten the attention of the Twitter universe, and it is quickly spreading to the internet as a whole as Twitter fans repost on facebook and other social media sites.

Some may say that fact is better than fiction, but in this case it does not appear to be the case. Fiction, or parody, seems to be the leader in terms of followers and responses.

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