Have you Added your Facebook Legacy Contact?

There’s so much for your family to think about after you’re dead, but now, what to do with your Facebook account will no longer be an issue. The social media giant has now added a legacy contact into your profile. When you add this contact, they will have complete control over managing your Facebook account once you are gone. Before now, Facebook would simply freeze the account once you passed away.

The purpose of the legacy contact is primarily to help manage your account and help create a memorial. The legacy contact will be able to change profile images, respond to friend requests and post on the page and more. The legacy contact will be unable to change anything that the deceased individual has already posted onto their account. In addition, the legacy contact does not have the authority to delete the account permanently.

If you are concerned about your Facebook account after you die, you can change your settings anywhere. I did it while I was waiting on my appointment at Amen Clinics. Simply tap the Security tab and then the Legacy Contact tab found on the bottom of the page. Once there, you simply choose the Facebook friend that you would like to grant permission to. You can have only one person designated as a legacy contact. 

Now that there is one less thing to worry about after you are gone….

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