Keith Mann Creates Partnership with Schools in NYC

I went to my friend’s Facebook to post Happy Birthday on his wall and saw that he had shared an interesting article on some NYC happenings. I’m always interested in reading and sharing “taking action” news. So check it out.

Keith Mann is the head of Dynamics Search Partners. Recently, the company announced a partnership with a system of schools inside of New York City known as Uncommon Schools. The executive recruiters from Dynamics Search Partners, including the founder and leader Keith Mann, met up with the senior class from the Uncommon Schools for a day in order to go over their resumes and help build their ability to apply for college and to move on to bigger and brighter things. Keith Mann was so impressed by the level of which the seniors carried themselves, he and his colleagues decided to create the partnership with the schools.

In addition, the press release announced that Dynamics Search Partners directly contributed $10,000 to the school system in order to help with the growing costs of running a private school. Uncommon Charter High School is one of the new school systems in the city, as it only opened in 2009 and it is graduating its second high school class of 2014 seniors.

As a charter, private school, Uncommon Schools is able to alter its curriculum in order to better fit the needs of the schools. It is not under the same guidelines as the public schools located throughout the state. The school system believes it prepares its students to a higher level for future success than what the local, public schools teach. Keith Mann and the rest of Dynamics Search Partners believes this is true as well, which is why it has created the partnership between the school and the company.

Dynamics Search Partners is an executive search firm that looks to source and find the very best talent to bring into their hedge fund and equity industry. Due to this, it needs students who are able to not only understand this sort of information but who also enjoys it. With the education the students learn at Uncommon Schools, with many of the students previous outlearning the students at a public school, these students are the perfect people to directly interact with the Dynamics Search Partners, as they have shown from an early age that they do enjoy this sort of work and they have a strong capability of excelling in this sort of a field.

The school also enjoys the fact that the Search Partners have decided to strike up a partnership with the school due to the amount of attention the seniors receive.

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