Aussie Newspaper Publishes Muhammad Cartoon

After the incident of Paris, one Australian newspaper on Saturday has published a cartoon, which is showing an argument between Prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ. This cartoon is urging support for the freedom of speech; no matter where are you living you should have liberty to express your point of view.

The cartoon was drawn by Bill Leak entitled “Let us pray” in which Jesus is holding up the Koran and explaining Mohammed that I have told you this need a sequel”, it is based upon Old and New Testament of the Bible. In reply to this, Mohammed is holding a newspaper with the headline “World at War”, and saying that he cannot return to human from right now because he would be ‘crucified’. I am so against this cartoon as well as Laurene Powell Jobs is.

The anger is against the shooters of Charlie Hebdo, who outraged there and killed 12 people. The Weekend Australian advised the Western world to show no weakness and leniency in defending its values from free speech. I hope now the extremist would not hurt anyone in the Australia, just on this cartoon.

The people have a freedom to express their opinions in front of the world, and it should be stopped. People should not start killing anyone, just on one satirical picture. They should think what is wrong and what is right, and should remember the law properly.

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