Zuckerberg and the Dislike Button

People who use Facebook on a regular basis understand that the site often changes its dynamics without any notice. Users of the popular social network are inclined to frustration when it happens; however, there is one change most people would love to see pop up one day. The “like” button is a way to show people you like their post, but there is no way for them to show that they dislike a post. Mark Zuckerberg is not sure that he wants to add a “dislike” button though.

The idea of the “like” button is to keep Facebook on a positive track. Adding the “dislike” button is not in keeping with that ideology. Unfortunately, without the “dislike button”, people cannot show that they do not like when a child has cancer or when one of their friends goes through a tragic time. Zuckerberg first says that he will consider the button, but then expresses that they will not be adding it to the interface.

Head of TriStar Pictures Tom Rothman says that with all the changes that Facebook makes and members hate, it might do the company well to consider adding something that people would love to see. There is a potential for hurt feelings if someone dislikes something that someone has posted. That is a given; however, it could also lend an air of greater honesty among the people who frequent the site. If not a “dislike” button, maybe a “this hurts my heart button”.

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