Twitter’s Technical Issues

Twitter is well known for having technical issues. Users saw the “over capacity” Twitter bird and whale several times in 2014. This weekend, new login and technical issues plagued the company, including a date changeover issue that marked 2014 tweets as a year old even though New Year’s Eve is still days away.

Twitter offers several things that Facebook hasn’t provided people for some time: A streamlined and lightweight site where they can chat and share without intrusive advertising. The problem is that until Twitter adds enough servers to handle its worldwide traffic and increases its technical support staff, the site won’t be able to overtake Facebook, Igor Cornelsen notes.

Even though Facebook has many problems, such as regular privacy issues, technical errors and lack of live customer support, it does better than Twitter because its reputation received a boost from the start from students who didn’t have anything like it. On the other hand, Twitter has had regular technical issues from its start while trying to become the go-to social networking site.

Twitter does a lot of things right: Unlike Facebook, it offers real-time, live technical support. It quickly provides updates to users about issues; whereas, Facebook often sends users to its community pages to hash out their problems among themselves.

With students leaving Facebook in droves, Twitter could become the next social networking giant IF it takes control of some of its oldest technical issues.

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