Singer Prince Deletes His Social Media Accounts

Glam-rock star Prince has went as MIA from the Internet as he did the music scene. The “Purple Rain” singer’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have recently been deactivated.

Prince did not appear to be a frequent user of Facebook, as he had more chart-topping hits in 2014 than he did Facebook comments. The single comment was made in response to a fan Q&A session. The singer’s Twitter account appeared to be more active, but the account was shared jointly with members of his back-up band, 3rdEyeGirl.

Andrew Heiberger notes that Prince made a legendary entry into the Twitter world with a food photograph, discussing the dish in a single sentence. His second post wasn’t nearly as electrifying as it simply read, “Prince’s Second Tweet.” Twitter interaction primarily came from the members of 3rdEyeGirl.

Perhaps the singer just wanted to capitalize on social media to promote his most recent albums?

The true story, however, remains a mystery.

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