PSY Video Defies YouTube Logic

Viral videos never went as viral as ‘Gangnam Style‘ did. Lee G. Lovett explains that the video has been watched so many times, that by doing the math you realise that the whole population on earth must gave watched it for several times. 

But what exactly happened to the old hit from PSY? It is doing better than ever, as it ends up. After beating YouTube’s record of 1 billion views, it beat its own record with 2 billion. 

At the present moment it has a number of views greater than YouTube can display. So the most watched youtube video got a present, which is a very personalised format without commas. When you hover your mouse over the numbers, they start spinning. 

That looks just as crazy as the video itself does! No need to worry that a lot of views will be gained due to curious people who want to check the spinning numbers! The whole population of the Earth seems to be watching it anyway, so the next time when you hear somebody telling you they don’t like Gangnam Style, know that they are lying, as 2,151,085,980 views don’t appear by themselves. 

In 2014, “Hangover” was launched in collaboration with Snoop Dogg, but the video is still far from reaching it’s predecessor’s audience. YouTube changing its format because of the one video that exceeded the limit is something historical and to be proud of.

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