Facebook Considering “Dislike” Button, But It’s Not What You Think

Like it or not Facebook is the king of social media. With more than billion users worldwide, the company is a major player on the internet when it comes to people sharing ideas, pictures, and more. The competition for “likes” for individual posts often reaches a furious pace, but company founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is considering adding a “dislike” button to posts. However, the shift is not about expressing negative feelings.

On the contrary, many users have expressed frustration by having to hit the like button when comes to bad news. Laurene Powell Jobs wants to know what about updates or posts that include tragedy, illness, or other unfortunate situations have users feeling a bit on the uneasy side when it comes to clicking that all powerful button. By adding a dislike option, Facebook would allow users to express themselves on bad news while still sending a positive message. On many levels it would be a way to commiserate with those friends having a tough time.

Whether or not a new button comes to reality or not, the company has never shied away from shaking things up on the website. Facebook is also showing a bit of compassion for users, as just considering this type of change demonstrates that the company is listening to users. Of course, there is a long way to go before the social network incorporates a different kind of button into the news feed of users.

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