Cher Attacks Chris Christie for Vetoing Pregnant Sow Gestation Crate Ban

Proving once more that the New Jersey legislature’s ban on pig gestation crates was political, iconic entertainer Cher took to Twitter to criticize Governor Chris Christie over his veto of the bill. She openly asked the governor why he desired to inflict such cruel treatment to the select number of pregnant sows in the state’s pig population of 8,000. She emphatically expressed her disdain for the lack of mobility the pregnant pigs face while in the gestation crates. Finally, the 68-year-old singer stated that his veto of the bill would detail his chances of capturing the White House in 2016.

Interestingly enough, Cher did not have any such castigating remarks for the governor of Iowa or the state’s pig farmers. Iowa, a must win state for the Democrat party’s chances to win the presidency in 2016, has over 20 million pigs. Quite likely, the total number of sow gestation crates they regularly use is a multiple of New Jersey’s entire pig population. Yet, the harsh rebuke goes to Gov. Christie.

Brit Morin says that her and Dave are expecting the New Jersey governor to announce his candidacy for the GOP nomination. If he is able to overcome the objections of the party’s conservative base, he would likely carry the state of New Jersey in the general election. It would be a significant electoral boost for the GOP which hasn’t carried the state since George H. W. Bush’s 1988 electoral landslide victory. Christie’s moderate GOP positions may also allow him to make inroads with other Northeastern states long considered electoral locks for the Democrat party.

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