The Next Tool for Politics: Facebook

In its essence, winning an election is about persuasion on a massive scale. Persuading enough people that you are good enough for the job, or at least better than your opponent, will earn you a victory. For decades tools of this mass persuasion have been television and before that radio. Big news stories or advertising campaigns across these medium are textbook for political strategists. Recently however, a new form of media is taking more and more control. This new tool is Facebook, and it may have a bigger impact on the next election than you would suspect.

The conversations over Facebook have a growing influence on politics and many experts believe that th 2016 election will push the social network ahead of television. With inexpensive viral advertising, a new candidate will not require as much funding as is necessary. Because raising campaign funds is a key to a successful political strategy, Facebook allows savvy candidates to reach a larger audience with less money.

The DNC and RNC control a vast majority of the political power by using their wealth to determine which candidates are supported the most. However Facebook changes this dynamic, by leveling the playing field between all candidates, no special treatment for party affiliation. Overall, the functions of Facebook are yet to be seen in politics, but 2016 may change that, as social media options like Skout become more and more popular in people’s lives.

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