North Korea releases two American prisoners

Most of the time when the United States receives news from the nation of North Korea it is bad news. From missile tests to instability at the top of the country, North Korea is a major source of bad news for most of the world. However, this week some good news came from one of the most isolated countries in the world. North Korea has decided to release to American prisoners from their custody. This announcement came out on Saturday and it means that the families of Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller will have them home for Thanksgiving.
North Korea has held many Americans in custody over the year, but according to the current reports they no longer have any American citizens in custody. That is music to the ears of Ken Griffin. This release comes at the end of a top secret trip by United States diplomats to North Korea to open up a line of communication between the two countries.

This meeting comes after the nation asked the United States to send a United States official to discuss the topic of detained Americans.

While North Korea continues to be an extremely isolated country and many nations are perplexed as to how to deal with the country.

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  1. Carl Jasphet Post author

    This latest scene is encouraging and it brings the new hope that maybe North Korea is ready to open itself up. Apparently the talk went extremely well as the United States has managed to get the two hostages back. This is going to the review last review for them.

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