Lorde Stands Up For Taylor Swift On Twitter

Although there is such a thing as rivalry and competition in the music industry, you cannot always say singers don’t stand up for each other. Even mega-stars. That is what just happened with New Zealand singer Lorde this week, when she stood up for friend Taylor Swift after Swift was the subject of a mean joke on Twitter.

Lorde saw a ‘tweet campaign’ started by musician and producer Diplo called ‘Get Taylor Swift A Booty’, in which he wanted people to donate to buy Swift a larger rear-end.

So, the 18-year-old singer responded with her own tweet, asking Diplo if something should also be done about his “tiny penis” at the same time.

It turns out, Diplo is rumored to be dating Katy Perry, someone who Taylor Swift has had her own problems with over the last few months, so Diplo’s ‘booty’ campaign may have more to do with standing up for his girlfriend than being seriously upset over Taylor Swift’s rear.

Nice to see girls standing up for each other, though. Plus, let’s face it, Lorde has shown from the minute she hit the music scene a couple of years ago, she may be young but she is not going to put up with anyone’s rudeness.

When an Australian DJ interviewed Lorde over the telephone last year and asked her if her friendship with Taylor Swift was “more” than just friends, Lorde had no problem telling him, even though she wasn’t a lesbian, there was absolutely nothing wrong with being a lesbian. She and Swift, however? Just friends.

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