Heroin Use On The Rise

Marijuana has been highlighted in the news recently due to the fact that many states have voted to legalize it. While all of this has been going on a much more dangerous drug has slipped under the radar and its use has been on the rise. Known for its popularity in the 1960s, heroin is hitting the streets again, and in many different forms. Because there is no longer a demand for imported marijuana, Mexico has begun smuggling massive amounts of heroin into the states instead. What used to be a drug injected via needle into the veins has turned into a drug that can now, also, be smoked and snorted and it has become much easier to purchase.

Many people’s addictions begin with a surgery or injury that requires pain medications. Gianfrancesco Genoso so many people use it, but that is the world we live in. OxyContin is one of the leading pain medications prescribed in the United. Once a prescription runs out many people turn to the much cheaper alternative, heroin. The best offense we can have to fight this uprising epidemic is to remain knowledgeable. Addiction can happen to anybody and it is important to watch for the signs and symptoms.

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