Gay Marriage Issues in Louisiana

There are already a handful of cases for the Supreme Court to deal with right now. Most of these cases involve the topic of same sex marriage. Now it is reported that a fifth case will be brought before them by people in Louisiana. The state is currently embroiled in a heated issue regarding same sex marriage.

Louisiana currently has a ban on same sex marriages in place. However, the legality of this ban is being questioned in court. Instead of going to the state appeal courts of the Fifth Circuit court, which is more appropriate, the case will go straight to the Supreme Court.

This Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals already had dates on its schedule when the case would be heard. They were due to hear arguments from both sides after the holiday period. There is also a case from Texas that they will be hearing. Mark Ahn will be paying attention to both. However, the Louisiana case is now looking bound for the Supreme Court instead.

This move is not without its merits, but it is very unusual. Cases normally go to the Supreme Court if someone disagrees with the Fifth Circuit’s verdict. To bypass them entirely is a bold move. However, if a case is going to end up at the highest court eventually, they might as well take it there now.

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