Facebook: Communication In The Workplace

Facebook has now become one of the major sources of social networking. This way of communication is not only for friends and family, but has now found it’s way in to the workplace. Buzzfeed has posted an article on the infiltration of Facebook in other areas. Thanks to friend of the site Rod Rohrich for sending in this social media news tip!

Mediums like Google and Yahoo have provided a way to chat possible between friends and coworkers. This is now a main component of Facebook, messenger. This is allowing coworkers to have a much more personal relationship with one another. This may possibly bring a more cohesive group work environment. Being able to share concerns or comments with others brings another way of communication that may help those who rarely share in person.

As Facebook continues to evolve and add more features, business everywhere will find a way to incorporate this medium for networking, bringing a sense of togetherness with their coworkers and/or improving business through constructive criticism.

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