Dr. Oz Gets Blasted On Twitter

The world was shocked at what happened after Dr. Oz posted on Twitter giving viewers a chance to ask him questions. With a lot of celebrities doing it lately, question and answer sessions are a great way of interaction. Dr. Oz was not prepared for the inflow of cynical questions that followed. Skeptical viewers mocked him with clever sarcastic questions.

One viewer wanted to know when she can expect to develop autism after getting her flu shot. This is from Dr. Oz’s tendency towards extreme statements that cause fear. Another viewer inquired if twerking can cure pertussis. The sarcasm continues as more funny questions flood Dr. Oz’s Twitter. As so eloquently put by my friend Sultan Alhokair, it is safe to say he has created a monster.

All is not bad for him however, he still has loyal fans. They are not pleased that he is being publicly mocked, and plan on standing by his side until this “attack” subsides. Until then, Dr. Oz’s Twitter will have no shortage of comments.

With viewers’ boldness increasing, public figures are finding themselves in tricky situations on social media.  We are all interested to see his reaction, but Twitter users have delivered their point clearly. They are not buying into his fear mongering, absurd advice.

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  1. Sherry Burner Post author

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